About RSS

To deliver the latest information, title information of news releases and IR news items are available as RSS feeds.

What is RSS?

RSS is a technology for delivering updates from websites such as article titles and headlines. RSS users receive the latest information without having to access the site.

How to Use RSS

RTo read RSS feeds, it is necessary to install an RSS reader program or use an RSS compatible browser.
If you subscribe to a feed using the XML icons below, you can use an RSS reader to receive new information as a list.

Notices about Usage

As RSS specifications vary by browser or RSS reader, AGC Inc. cannot answer inquiries regarding usage directions.
In order to perform maintenance or improve service, it may be necessary to cancel feeds, or change the content or URL information of feeds.
The content or format of the RSS service may change without warning.
Information contained in feeds is current as of the day of its release. Information may change as time passes.

RSS Feeds

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