Corporate Information

AGC Inc.’s corporate profile and business

Company Name: AGC Inc.
Head Office: 1-5-1, Marunouchi,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8405 JAPAN
Founded: September 8, 1907
Incorporated: June 1, 1950
Outstanding stock:
90,873 million yen.
235,177,781 shares (as of end of December 2017)
Employees: 6,401 (as of December 31, 2017)

Business Segment

AGC’s business extends into four fields: glass, electronics, chemicals, and ceramics.


  • Architectural glass

    • Float glass
    • Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass
    • Double glazing glass for solar control/heat-insulation
    • Safety glass
    • Decorative glass
  • Automotive glass

    • Tempered automotive glass
    • Laminated automotive glass


  • Display

    • Glass substrates for TFT-LCDs
  • Electronic materials

    • CMOS/CCD blue filter
    • CMP slurry
    • Synthetic quartz glass
    • Glass frit and paste
    • Glass molded lenses
  • Applied glass materials

    • Cover glass for electronic devices
    • Thin glass for electronic devices
    • Glass for light guide plates
    • Glass for photovoltaic devices


  • Chlor-alkali and urethane

    • Polyvinyl chloride
    • Vinyl chloride monomer
    • Caustic soda
    • Urethane materials
  • Fluorochemicals and specialty chemicals

    • Fluoropolymers/films
    • Water and oil repellents
    • Pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates and active ingredients
    • Iodine-related products

Ceramics / other

  • Ceramics

    • Refractory materials
    • Fine ceramics
    • Sputtering targets
  • Other

    • Logistics/Engineering

Consolidated Financial Highlights

*Year ended December 2017

Fiscal 2017 Consolidated Financial Results (IFRS)

Net Sales 1,463.5 billion yen Profit for the year attributable to owners of the parent 69.2 billion yen
Operating profit 119.6 billion yen Total assets 2,228.6 billion yen
Operating profit margin 8.2% Total equity 1,289.9 billion yen

Information by Geographic Segment

  North & South America Europe Japan & Asia
Number of employees Approx. 4,400 Approx. 17,400 Approx. 31,400
Net Sales 168.4 billion yen 337.2 billion yen 1,007.2 billion yen
Operating profit 5.0 billion yen 10.9 billion yen 139.4 billion yen
Industries ·Architectural Glass
·Automotive Glass
·Electronic Materials
·Architectural Glass
·Automotive Glass
·Architectural Glass
·Automotive Glass
·Display Glass
·Electronic Materials
  • FY2017
  • Sales and operating profit by geographic area are before eliminations; therefore, the total amounts of sales and operating profit for geographic areas do not agree with total sales and operating profit of the AGC Group.