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Please refer to the following product information before you make a request for information related to our products.

  • Product Information・・・All products of AGC are displayed in each category.

  • Product Search・・・All the products of AGC can be searched in Japanese alphabetical order.

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  • Glass
  • Electronics
    • Display
        • Product Name
          • Substrates for Displays
          • Ultra-Low Thermal Shrinkage Glass Substrates for Displays
    • Electronic Materials
        • Product Name
          • Synthetic Silica
          • Low Thermal Expansion Glass
          • Synthetic Quartz
          • Silicon Carbide SiC
          • CMP Slurry
          • Glass Substrate for Semiconductor Packaging
          • Glass Substrate with Micropore
          • Polycarbonate Film
          • Polycarbonate Sheet
          • Glass Ceramics Substrates
        • Product Name

          Glass Powders & Glass Pastes

        • Product Name
          • Planar Optical Devices
          • Infrared Absorption Glass Filter
          • Aspherical Lenses
          • Aspherical Lenses (Chalcogenide Glass)
          • Micro Lens Array
          • SW Glass Substrate
    • Applied Glass Materials
        • Product Name
          • A specialty glass for chemical strengthening
          • Extra Clear Float Glass
          • TCO Glass for a-Si type solar module
          • Ultra thin glass for electronics devices
          • Chemically strengthened specialty glass
  • Chemicals
  • Ceramics
  • New Business Development
  • Other Products

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    We may not be able to respond to sales and solicitations for products and services that are not in need.

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