The AGC Group's CSR
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2. Ensuring Fair Trade

The AGC Group's Approach

Measures for Ensuring Fair and Proper Corporate Activities

The AGC Group fully recognizes that fair and proper corporate activities are essential to its business operations. Accordingly, the AGC Group Code of Conduct has been established to guide the actions of every employee, and measures are taken throughout the Group as a whole to ensure fair trade, including compliance with antitrust laws and prevention of corruption.

Compliance with Antitrust Laws

In addition to the AGC Group Code of Conduct, which is comprised of basic principles for all group employees to follow, the AGC Group has established global guidelines for compliance with antitrust laws. Furthermore, it educates employees on antitrust law compliance through classroom and online training programs at every organizational level, in each region of the world. The degree to which employees follow the guidelines is assessed in audits, and systems and mechanisms for complying with antitrust laws are included as a priority item in internal audits conducted worldwide.

Prevention of Bribery and Corruption

The AGC Group proactively carries out employee training programs to ensure compliance with laws on preventing bribery and corruption in each country and region where it operates. The Group is committed to preventing bribery and other acts of corruption on a global level, and established the AGC Group Anti-Bribery Rules in 2016 to thoroughly prevent the bribery of public officials. It has also created anti-bribery guidelines specifically for employees in China, where the risk of bribery of officials is relatively high.

Compliance with Laws for Contract Employees and the Worker Dispatch Act

In-house contract workers and temporary workers hired through employment agencies play an important role in the AGC Group’s operations in Japan. Therefore, the Group strives to ensure compliance with laws for contract employees by conducting an annual survey on related employment practices at AGC Asahi Glass production plants and major group companies in Japan.

Compliance with the Subcontract Act

In order to ensure strict compliance with the Act Against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc. to Subcontractors, the AGC Group carries out regular t+raining programs for supervisors and managers in Japan. It has also offered online training for employees who handle transactions with subcontractors, including those in group companies in Japan, since 2009.

Prevention of Insider Trading

The AGC Group takes systematic steps to ensure that all employees are aware of the need to prevent insider trading in order to protect shareholders and investors as well as to help maintain the fairness and credibility of securities markets. Insider trading is explicitly forbidden in the Group Code of Conduct. Furthermore, the Group’s Insider Trading Prevention Management Regulations and the Information Management Council Joint Establishment Guidelines offer further systems to prevent insider trading.

Furthermore, AGC Group Code of Conduct related events are held regularly to promote awareness towards the prevention of insider trading among employees and doubly confirm their commitment to this issue. Special training programs are provided to directors, executive managers and other personnel working in particularly relevant operations, such as corporate planning, accounting, finance, public relations and investor relations.

In addition, if an AGC Group manager or employee has concerns as to whether buying or selling stock or other securities could fall under insider trading, the Information Management Council will examine the legality of the transaction in an effort to ensure that insider trading does not occur.