Medium-term Management Plan (PDF)

The AGC Group is establishing the basis for long-term growth with the mid-term management plan, AGC plus-2017

Basic Concept to Achieve Management Target

The AGC Group sets the group vision “Look Beyond” as the corporate philosophy on which all the business activities and external activities are founded. Also, in the long-term management strategy “Vision 2025,” we design the AGC Group’s vision envisioned by the incumbent executives, and the strategy in order to achieve it. Furthermore, we set AGC plus as the incumbent executives’ specific management policy based on the group vision, as well as AGC plus-2017 as the mid-term management plan for three years from FY2015 through FY2017 respectively.

Management Financial Target until 2017

The AGC Group, under the management policy AGC plus, aims at achieving the management financial target of the mid-term management plan AGC plus-2017, through strategic directions based on the business portfolio centering on profitability and growth in each business, as well as allocation of management resources with high adaptability.

  • “Provide safety, security and comfort ” to society
  • “Create new values and functions,” for customers and business partners, and building “trust” with them ・Enhance “job satisfaction” among employees
  • Increase the Group’s “corporate value” for investors
Target for 2017 Sales ¥1,600 billion
Operating profit More than ¥100 billion
ROE 5% or above
D/E 0.5 or less

Achievement of Management Target in 2017

From 2016 onwards, the AGC group will also continuously implement business management along the directions in each business set in the mid-term management plan AGC plus-2017, aim to achieve the respective financial targets.

We expect 130 billion yen as an increase in sales in FY2017 (from FY2005) through our continuous active investment. In addition, we aim to achieve an operating profit of 100 billion yen or above, by steadily addressing the sales expansion of new products of environment-friendly new refrigerant, fluoropolymer resin, and life science in chemicals business, cover glass and optical materials for vehicle interiors in electronics business, and architectural Low-E glass and automotive UV cut glass in glass business.

The progress of the mid-term management plan can be found here.