This chemically strengthened glass is stronger than ordinary glass, and is also thin and does not crack easily. Leoflex contributes to reducing the weight of solar PV modules and lighting devices, etc.


  • For building material
    • Application for exteriors and interiors in general construction (development of designs that are too difficult to accomplish using conventional glass)
  • For industry
    • Application related to solar panels, LED illumination covers, platform doors, and observation windows, etc.
  • Higher-performance products
    • Laminated glass, pair glass, and silvering mirror using Leoflex are also available in addition to single-pane glass,


  • Even when it’s processed as a thin sheet of glass, it is stronger and more resilient than ordinary soda-lime glass.
  • It has higher transparency than ordinary soda-lime glass (FL).
  • It is less prone to spontaneous breakage compared to ordinary soda-lime glass.
  • It can be processed using cold or hot bending.
  • Thickness variation: 0.55mm, 0.85mm, 1.1mm, 1.3mm, 2.0mm
  • Size: max. size 1.850 × 1.500mm, min. size 50 × 50mm

Please consult us regarding sizes larger than the maximum or smaller than the minimum.