Manufactured based on quartz glass, this glass can be easily processed into various forms. Developed by applying the manufacturing technologies for very high purity quartz glass, it has extremely low thermal expansion, and is optimal for cutting-edge applications which require thermal expansion to be minimized.


  • Lithography equipment stages

Low thermal expansion glass AZ was derived from our ultrahigh-purity synthetic quartz manufacturing technology. Being developed using our synthetic quartz manufacturing technology, the glass, like synthetic quartz, can be readily processed into a variety of shapes. AGC’s expertise in precision polishing permits assurance of low defect density. Zero-expansion glass is ideal for applications requiring extremely low thermal expansion, including standards for thermal property measurement, spacers for light resonators, and lithography equipment stages.

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

General Properties

Grade AZ
Thermal Properties CTE ppb/K at 22℃ <10 <5
Heat conductivity K(W/m-℃) at 25℃ 1.38
Specific heat J/kg/K at 25℃ 75
Optical Properties Refractive index at 589nm 1.48
Mechanical Properties Density g/c 2.20
Young’s modulus GPa 68
Poisson’s ratio u 0.17
Knoop microhardness kg/m 480
Electrical Properties Bulk resistivity Log(Ω*cm) at 200℃ 13.2
Dielectric constant at 1MHz, 25℃ 4
Chemical Properties Chemical durability Acid resistance <0.05μg/c
Alkali resistance <65μg/c
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